Lamb is here

Lamb is here

Back by popular demand. A fans favourite. Hearty lamb hot pot with peas. Made with fresh Welsh Lamb a Available in boxes of six from the shop now . Why not serve it with some Red Leicester mash and...

Meet the People behind the Pies

Meet the People behind the Pies

Take a moment to learn about the faces behind the thousands of products made every week in our Worthing HQ Jo - Owner and Managing Director Our very own Mrs Piglet. Responsible for literally...

Piglets earn Nationally recognised Audit Standard

Piglets earn Nationally recognised Audit Standard

Piglets Pantry are proud to have recently passed SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) We were were delighted to achieve SALSA Accreditation combined with STS in February 2020. We have worked...

It’s Official – Piglets are Great!

Here at Piglets HQ we are proud to hold a number of awards celebrating our amazing hand filled pies and Hand rolled Sausage Rolls. We hold 34 British Pie Awards including, British Pie Award – Gold...

Rip Up the Business Plan!

So, coronavirus – didn’t see that one coming, and whilst we have a disaster recovery plan this didn’t quite cut the mustard. We are now in week 2 of pie-solation and finding our feet in this new strange world.

Up until 9 days ago we had a thriving business in the B2B market serving 67 Clients mostly in Stadia, Events, Hospitality and Leisure – all wiped out overnight. After the initial 24-hour shock had settled in it was time for Plan B.

24 hours later, late-night tech discussions and our website was live. 48 hours later and we had a seamless connectivity to our production systems (which is just as well, manual data entry as an MD is not a high point of my life).

72 hours later and the orders steadily came flooding in, combined with support from our amazing friends at Brighton & Hove Albion the outpouring of love from our local fans, PR and Press coverage and a smart #SOS #Survival #Pack idea and we were in business.

Later the first week, we launched 10% discount codes for all our loyal fans and a very special 50% discount code for the amazing NHS staff. We are also supporting and helping people that cannot buy certain items to keep them safe and well.

Day 7 completed and finished designs on our #Easter #Indoor #Hamper promoting the #StayatHome campaign echoed by the Government. Again offering 10% and a pre-order service to support everyone at home.

Day 8 – First stab at Facebook Advertising we launched our AD on Saturday and as we speak, it is getting lots of attention.

What does the future hold? Every day is a new dawn and a new opportunity to look at the business in a different light. We cannot know how long this is for, but we will continue to support everyone during this difficult time.