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How to Celebrate National Prosecco Day in Style

When is National Prosecco Day?

Taking place on 13th August, National Prosecco Day offers the perfect opportunity to make use of the last of the summer sun. Whether it’s throwing a garden party for your nearest and dearest, or treating your colleagues to a midday tipple, there are so many ways you can embrace this light-hearted celebration.

When Was Prosecco Invented?

Though it might seem like Prosecco has only gained its popularity in recent years, the first known mention of the name Prosecco actually dates back to 1593.

The Glera grape, used to produce this delectable sparkling wine, is believed to be of Slovenian origin and was cultivated in the vineyards of the Italian village of “Prosecco” in Trieste, which borders Slovenia.

How is Prosecco Made?

According to the procedural guidelines, Prosecco must be produced with 85% of ‘Glera’ grapes. The grapes are pressed to create a liquid which is placed to rest in temperature-controlled tanks. Yeast is added to trigger fermentation, during which sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Each batch is then enriched with other batches, and decanted in large pressure chambers. Yeasts and sugar are added, triggering a second fermentation (re-fermentation). During this time, the yeasts metabolise the sugar, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. The process can take from 30 to 90 days, after which time the sparkling wine is ready to be bottled, and 40 days later, it’s ready to be sold!

What is National Prosecco Day?

Founded by the infamous sparkling wine brand, Riondo Prosecco, National Prosecco Day was created to commemorate and raise a toast to the final weeks of summer.

Inject some sparkle into your mid-August weekend by celebrating this joyous occasion with some of your favourite Prosecco-loving pals!

How to Celebrate National Prosecco Day 2023

If you’re anything like us, you’ll revel in any excuse to appreciate your favourite alcoholic beverage. Whether it’s heading to a party with friends, or throwing your own outdoor Prosecco-themed shindig, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to celebrate National Prosecco Day in style.

Organise a Prosecco Brunch

Throw a themed brunch for all of your favourite humans.

Serve glasses of Prosecco alongside a delicious spread of breakfast and brunch dishes, from sausage rolls to classic loaf cakes.

Why not celebrate the day in style with Piglets Pantry’s Boozy Brunch Afternoon Tea? Featuring a selection of tasty British classics, your guests can munch on some of their favourite foods whilst sipping on an ice-cold glass of crisp sparkling wine – what could be better?

Make Prosecco Cocktails

Get creative by mixing up some deliciously refreshing Prosecco cocktails.

Whether it’s a classic Aperol Spritz, or something slightly more exotic, experiment with your own signature concoctions using a range of fresh fruit and herbs.

Host a Prosecco Picnic

Invite your family and friends to a fun-filled Prosecco picnic.

Enjoy a glass of bubbly in a local park or your own back garden, surrounded by good food and all of your favourite people this summer.

Searching for the perfect picnic basket addition? Our Sparkling Summer Afternoon Tea For Two contains everything you need to host the perfect summer picnic! From sweet treats to savoury bakes and a bottle of Ridgeview Sparkling Wine, this box of goodies features all you need to celebrate the day in style.

Throw a Prosecco Spa Day

Treat yourself and your besties to a luxurious spa day at home with a Prosecco twist…

Create a relaxing ambience, pop on a face mask and sip on an ice-cold glass of bubbly all in the name of tradition!

Create Prosecco Themed Decorations

Get crafty, creating some stunning Prosecco-themed decorations or accessories.

From personalised bottle-top charms to your very own Prosecco bottle labels, themed decorations are the perfect way to spruce up any party!

Host a Prosecco and Food Pairing Evening

Explore the culinary side of Prosecco by pairing it with various dishes.

From tiny appetisers to a fruity dessert, there are so many delicious foods that can perfectly complement a glass of bubbly.

If you’re looking to accompany your glass of Prosecco with some tasty handcrafted treats, we can help.

Our deliciously indulgent Sparkling Afternoon Tea For Two includes a range of nibbles, from ham and cheese quiches to buttermilk scones and carrot cake. If all that wasn’t enough, we’ll even provide a bottle of Ridgeview Fitzrovia Rosé.

This delicate salmon colour Rosé features an abundance of fine bubbles, guaranteed to perfectly complement your box of goodies. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order yours today. Our team will deliver your afternoon tea straight to your door, so you won’t need to lift a finger.

National Prosecco Day 2023

So, whether it’s an afternoon spent in the garden with your nearest and dearest or an evening spent catching up with friends, we can provide everything you need to celebrate National Prosecco Day in style.

To browse our range of Prosecco-accompanied boxes of goodies, simply use the navigation on our site.