Behind the scenes on our Christmas photoshoot

Behind the scenes on our Christmas photoshoot

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How to Plan a Spooktacular Halloween Party

How to Plan a Spooktacular Halloween Party

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How to Celebrate National Prosecco Day in Style

How to Celebrate National Prosecco Day in Style

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How to Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt at Home

How to Plan the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt at Home

When it comes to planning an Easter egg hunt at home, there are two fundamental rules to follow - don’t be stingy… and have lots and lots of fun!  Easter is a time of celebration, but being the...

Mother’s Day Hamper Essentials

Mother’s Day Hamper Essentials

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can make this the best one yet. Mums are notorious for sacrificing the tiny luxuries in life to treat...

Affordable Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Affordable Date Night Ideas For Valentine’s Day

At Piglet’s Pantry HQ, we’re busy gearing up for one of our favourite days of the year - Valentine’s Day. From as early as the 14th century, February has been celebrated as the month of romance,...

Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is one of our favourite days of the year here at Piglets Pantry, spent celebrating all the wonderful father figures in our lives. While common shop-bought gifts are an easy option, there’s nothing more special than handing over a handmade gift that has been crafted with love.

In this blog, we’ll explore some creative ideas, sharing our very own tips and tricks on creating the perfect personalised Father’s Day gift. Whether it’s their first time celebrating or they have been collecting Father’s Day cards for years, we can make sure his day is truly memorable.

When is Father’s Day in the UK?

Now, don’t panic – this year, in the UK, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 18th of June, so you’ve still got plenty of time to create a stunning handmade Father’s Day gift that will have you competing with yourself to beat for years to come.

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea

Now, I know we agreed to hand-make our gifts this year. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be entirely made by you.

At Piglet’s Pantry, we understand that finding the time to create something from scratch can be tricky, particularly if you’re a new parent settling into motherhood.

That’s why we’re pleased to provide parents across the country with a choice of a broad selection of handmade baked goods, including our much-loved afternoon tea.

All of our sweet and savoury treats have been lovingly handcrafted by our baking experts here at Piglet’s HQ. So, if you want to share the love this Father’s Day but are short on time, why not treat your dad or partner to our extra special Father’s Day Afternoon Tea and Pint For One? If you’re lucky, he might just let you steal a bite!

Father’s Day Gift Hampers

A Father’s Day hamper is a fun, creative way to prove to your dad just how well you know him.

Simply fill it with all of their favourite things and you’re good to go! Whether that’s a selection of craft beers, tools, CDs or snacks, they’re sure to welcome the gesture with open arms.

If you’re stretched for time this Father’s Day but would love to gift your dad an extravagant hamper, we can help! Our ultimate Father’s Day Savoury Hamper features an abundance of delicious savoury treats for the man in your life to enjoy. Plus, thanks to our handcrafted bakery delivery service, we can deliver your thoughtful gift straight to their door. All you need to do is place an order, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Making Your Hamper From Scratch

If you’re feeling super adventurous, you could even challenge yourself to make the hamper from scratch. All you’ll need is some basket-weaving materials (reeds or rattan usually works best), scissors, clothespins or clamps and any decorative elements you plan on using.

Start by creating the base of the basket, taking one long piece of weaving material and forming a circle or oval shape. Overlap the ends and secure them together by weaving them through the base or by using your clothespins/clamps.

Next, take another long piece of the weaving material and thread it under the base. Keep the tension firm, repeating this process until you’ve built the sides of your basket to the desired height. Tuck the ends of the material inside the basket and weave them through the existing weave to secure them into place. Once you’ve finished, it’s time to add some decorations. Perhaps you could attach a rosette that says ‘Best Dad Ever!’, or some ribbons in your dad’s favourite colours – whatever you do, make sure it’s unique to the father figure in your life.

Father’s Day Cakes

If you’d like a helping hand to create the perfect handmade gift this Father’s Day, we can help.

At Piglet’s Pantry, we’re pleased to provide our customers with a selection of sweet and savoury cakes and bakes, all handcrafted by our wonderful team here at Piglet’s HQ.

From our stunning Father’s Day Cookie Sandwich Box to our mouthwatering Large Pie Selection Box, we can provide the perfect handmade Father’s Day gift, guaranteed to have your dad beaming with joy.

Simply use the navigation on our site to place your order today – hurry! We don’t want you to miss out!

Let Us Be a Part of Your Day

So, whether you’re planning a low-key celebration at home or have something slightly grander in mind, at Piglet’s Pantry, we would be honoured to provide the finishing touch.

Whether it’s by adding a box of our Father’s Day Ndunja Sausage Rolls to your Father’s Day hamper, or purchasing a Father’s Day Afternoon Tea and Pint For Two to complete your midday plans, we can ensure your dad is left bursting with gratitude. To browse our extensive range of handcrafted goodies, simply use the navigation on our site.

Be sure to let us know which of our delicious bakes you opt for by tagging us on Instagram @pigletspantry. We can’t wait to see what handmade Father’s Day gift ideas you creative bunch come up with!