Welcome to Piglet’s Pantry! We are trotting all over the UK, why not join our Piglet’s family?

We are a British, family-owned and run company using all British ingredients. With traceability, sustainability, and quality at the core of our operations, you can trust in both the quality of our products and the positive message behind your choice.

If you haven’t come across Piglet’s Pantry prior to visiting our website, it’s worth noting that we are an award-winning pie supplier to many prominent stadiums and leisure venues throughout the United Kingdom. We work in partnership with a number of high-profile sporting venues and iconic landmarks over land, sea and air.  We work with a vast number of theme parks, leisure attractions airlines, cruise ships and ferries.

We are fast becoming the partner of choice for retail and hospitality food in large venues. We supply over 450 venues in the UK, offering high-quality, handcrafted products made with locally sourced ingredients. At Brighton and Hove Albion, Piglet’s first client, we continue to sell over 10,000 pies at every single match, nearly 13 years since our partnership began, surpassing any other stadium in the UK.


Our wide range of products includes our award-winning Pies that come with a bespoke service, handcrafted Sausage Rolls, a range of exquisite patisserie goods, a large vegetarian and vegan offering and seasonal offerings to suit all your needs for Christmas, Halloween and much more.

We are also able to offer you a range of our innovative solutions such as unique rice paper disks with branding or messages to support your needs, recipe development for large orders, recyclable packaging and bio-plastic insert trays and free product bags to serve our goodies.

To explore our current product offerings in both our seasonal and year-round ranges, we invite you to peruse our online brochures.

Chicken balti pie on a green plate
Selection of afternoon tea


Piglet’s are your versatile solution to a wide range of event needs. Whether you’re interested in wholesale purchases for your office or event space, seeking event catering services, or even considering site management, we’ve got you covered.

From our renowned selection of pies and sausage rolls to our exquisite patisserie treats, we offer a diverse array of options. If you don’t find precisely what you need, let’s engage in a conversation to explore the possibility of personalisation, as many of our items can be customised to suit your preferences.

If you require event management, Piglet’s boasts a wealth of experience in orchestrating various event sites. With nearly 13 years of involvement in this industry, our events team brings professionalism and extensive know-how to the table.

We maintain a close partnership with Portsmouth Football Club, managing their retail and hospitality offerings in addition to site operations both on and off match days. Further details about our work with Portsmouth can be found below. Piglet’s also have a proven track record in operating at various Greenfield sites. A recent example of our expertise is the 2023 Cheltenham cricket festival, where we successfully managed a restaurant, hospitality tents, numerous bars, and introduced our own Greek and Argentinian pop-up concepts.

For enquiries please email nickyc@pigletspantry.co.uk.


How can Piglet’s Pantry assist you this Christmas season? Explore our wide array of delightful Christmas food gifts featured in our Christmas brochure….

Why not treat your staff, suppliers and clients with a Piglet’s gift? We have a variety of options to cover all budgets and needs. Bulk discounts are available of up to 20% off.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Craft your very own custom Piglet’s hamper. And for that extra touch, consider including a personalised Christmas card or a bottle of bubbly!

Please email saraha@pigletspantry.co.uk or alternatively call 01903215054.