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Behind the scenes on our Christmas photoshoot

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Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

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Plan an Easter Egg Hunt at Home – Ideas and Inspo

When it comes to planning an Easter egg hunt at home, there are two fundamental rules to follow – don’t be stingy with the eggs… and have lots and lots of fun!

Easter is a time of celebration, but being the adult responsible for spreading the joy can be daunting, particularly if it’s your first time hosting. If you’re searching for alternative ideas for your DIY Easter egg hunt this year, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we discuss our top tips and tricks for organising a perfect and unforgettable Easter egg hunt at home. Want to find out more? Keep reading!

Setting Up a Fun-Filled DIY Easter Egg Hunt | What Do I Need?

Aerial view image of various brightly coloured easter eggs on a blue background

A Spacious Location

Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt at home, in your back garden or at the local park, our easy Easter egg hunt ideas can ensure that your event caters to all, no matter how big or small your clan may be. 

Treats, Treats & More Treats!

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to setting up a DIY Easter egg hunt, more is more. After all, the last thing you want is your group of explorers coming back to you in 5 minutes with nothing but one tiny plastic egg in each of their baskets. To make sure your hunt provides plenty of fun, make sure your home, garden or public space is filled to the brim with hidden treats.

Top Tip: Remember, the hunt doesn’t end until the final egg is found. So, to avoid any delays in announcing a winner, make sure you count the eggs before you hide them!

Personalised Easter Egg Hunt Baskets 

If you really want to elevate this year’s Easter shenanigans, personalised Easter egg hunt baskets for your group of bunnies could be the way to go.

Decorating Easter egg hunt baskets doesn’t have to see you sacrificing serious time and money – it can be part of the Easter fun! To create unique baskets, all you’ll need is some acrylic paint, glue and glitter. Simply let your eager egg-hunters loose to paint and decorate their baskets using their favourite colours before they get to the important business of searching!


Now, here comes the most important part – prizes for the winners! Depending on how kind you’re feeling, you can offer a prize to everyone taking part, or just the most talented scavenger.

Our Spring Cupcake Selection is the perfect prize for a victorious sweet-treat lover. Featuring six beautifully decorated spring-inspired cupcakes – x2 chocolate, x2 lemon and elderflower and x2 honey and orange – this mouthwatering collection is sure to please whoever wins!

Alternative Home or Garden Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

So, we’ve got the basic components of an Easter egg hunt – now it’s time to make it your own. At Piglet’s Pantry, we love adding a unique touch to every occasion, and an Easter egg hunt is no different! 

Golden Egg Hunt

Do you want to take your Easter Egg hunt to a whole new level?

Before you begin the festivities, sit your participants down and explain to them that there is one golden egg hidden among the rest. The person who finds the golden egg will receive a special prize.

You might choose to hide the golden egg in a more tricky location, or disguise it as something else so it’s harder to spot. Adding an extra layer of excitement to your Easter Egg hunt is sure to boost enjoyment for everyone involved, no matter how young or old!

Colour-Coded Scavenger Hunt 

If you’re a sucker for organisation and are attempting to plan an Easter egg hunt at home, a colour-coded scavenger hunt is the perfect alternative for you.

All you need to do is assign different colours to each participant and have them only collect eggs that are that colour. The person to collect all of their designated colour first is the winner. This can be especially helpful if you have bunnies of different ages – it allows you to tailor the egg hiding places to individual finding abilities.

Alternatively, you could make it even harder by encouraging participants to sabotage their opponents’ chances of winning, hiding their eggs in trickier locations if they spot them along the way!

Mouthwatering Easter Gifts, Crafted By Expert Bakers 

Easter themed cupcake with yellow icing decor and an icing easter egg on top, sitting on a green plate on a table with colourful sprinkles scattered around. Mini eggs in a dish and a wooden spoon in the background.

At Piglet’s Pantry, we love helping our customers make memories they’ll cherish forever. The excitement of your DIY Easter egg hunt is enough to make anyone hungry! Fortunately we have a delectable range of Easter goodies to please everyone including our Spring Family Hamper. Hurry – our limited edition Spring bakes won’t be around for long!