From wrapping up in scarves and hats and visiting the local Christmas market, to tucking up under a blanket to watch your favourite festive movie, there’s so much to look forward to this winter. 

As much as we all can’t wait for December to roll around, coming up with the perfect Christmas gift ideas for all the special humans in your life can be stressful. At Piglet’s Pantry, we like to consider ourselves a part of Santa’s very own clan of Christmas elves, here to help you tick off your present list, one snowy footprint at a time. 

In this blog, we share some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues. From snazzy stocking fillers to unique Secret Santa presents, we’ve got everything you need to bring a smile to the faces of many this festive season. 

Want to be the talk of the office this Christmas?

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gift baskets for employees or corporate Christmas gift ideas, we have something for everyone.

Why not show your appreciation for the last 12 months by treating your employees or clients to our delicious, Festive Grazing Hamper

Featuring a selection of indulgent treats – including a Pork & Cranberry Sausage Roll, Reindeer Chocolate Orange Loaf Cakes and White Chocolate & Cranberry Christmas Blondies –  this irresistible Christmas gift box is sure to bring some sparkle to your workplace this winter! To view our complete Festive Range, please click here

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Handmade Christmas gift ideas

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea

Homemade Christmas Hamper Ideas

If you’ve opted to give homemade Christmas hampers this year, here’s how to ensure your presents stand out under the tree…

Pick a theme for each person, and run with it! Not only is this an extremely personal approach to gift-giving, but it is also incredibly simple and cost-effective.

Now, we can all think of at least one person we know who has a major sweet tooth.  So, what better gift could they receive than a basket full of sweet goodies?
Simply grab a hamper of your choice – this can be as big or as big or small as you wish – just make sure if you’re going big, you’ve got enough ideas to fill it. At Piglets Pantry, our Festive Range features a selection of tasty Christmas-themed bakes. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they’re also delicious too!

 From our Festive Brownie Tree Selection Box to our Reindeer Cupcake Box, fill your DIY Christmas gift baskets with a selection of fool-proof festive favourites.

When you’ve decided on the perfect combination for your basket, it’s time to decorate it.

You’re going to need: 

  • Your filled basket
  • Printed cellophane (tripled the size of the basket)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tag

 If arts and crafts aren’t your strong point, don’t worry. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below to create a gorgeous handmade gift basket in no time. 

How to Assemble the Perfect Gift Basket:

  1. Roll the cellophane out onto a table, covering enough surface area to match the size of your basket.
  2. Place the basket in the middle of the sheet of cellophane, centring it so that there’s approximately 30cm of cellophane in the front and back of the basket.
  3. When you’ve found the measurements, cut the cellophane to size, making sure all four sides are even.
  4. Lift up the long sides of the cellophane and fold the short sides in. 
  5. Fold the front edges toward the back and the back edges towards the front. 
  6. Hold the cellophane at the top of the basket in your hand and pull it tight. 
  7. Tie your ribbon around the neck of the basket. 
  8. Add a tag and you’re done!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Work Colleagues

Gift Inspo for Friends

Now, we all know how tricky it can be, trying to find the perfect gift for close friends who you’ve known for a long time. 
But, when it comes to Christmas gift ideas that are sure to impress, we’ve got your back. If your bestie is known to enjoy the finer things, why not treat them to our Festive Sparkling Tea for Two? Show them you care with this luxurious hamper, filled to the brim with goodies including Goats Cheese & Red Onion Quiches and Sage & Onion Scotch Eggs. As well as Buttermilk Scones served with Rodda’s Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam, sweet treats include a Santa Buckle Fruit Cake and Candy Cane Carrot Loaf cakes. The hamper is accompanied by a bottle of sparkling wine from our friends at the award-winning vineyard, Ridgeview.

A Special Christmas Gift Basket for a Family, Friend or Colleague

Set the Secret Santa bar high this year by opting for a mouthwatering festive-themed gift. 

At Piglets Pantry, we’re dedicated to helping our customers create Christmas memories that will last for years to come. If you would like to find out more about our homemade Christmas hamper food ideas, please get in touch.

To secure your festive delivery today, use the navigation on our site, or call 01903 215 054 and speak to one of our friendly team members who will be more than happy to provide assistance. 

Now, we’d better get back to Santa’s workshop! May your Christmas be filled with an abundance of Winter Sparkle (and lots of cake).