Vegan Broc, Cauli & Cheese Pie

Our secret recipe Vegan Bechamel Sauce and Vegan Cheese coating tender Broccoli & Cauliflower florets. All lovingly encased in Piglets homemade vegan shortcrust pastry with a Puff Pastry lid.

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Vegan Pastry Recipe (29.2%) [Flour (60.8%) (Wheat), Sunflower oil (19%), Water (19%), Piglets Pumkin Spice (0.51%) [Ground cinnamon (57.1%), Ground ginger (21.4%), Ground nutmeg (14.3%), Dried cloves (7.1%)], Paprika (0.25%), Turmeric (0.13%), White pepper (0.13%), Salt (0.13%)], Oat Milk (16.1%), Puff Pastry Square (15.4%), Vitalite Dairy Free Spread 2kg (15.4%) [Vegetable Oils (Sunflower (21%), Rapeseed, Palm), Water, Salt, Emulsifiers – E471, Sunflower Lecithin, Preservative – Potassium Sorbate, Acid – Lactic Acid, B Vitamins (Niacin, B6, B2, Folic Acid & B12), Flavourings, Colour – Annatto, Curcumin], Flour (15.4%) (Wheat), Potatoes (4.8%), Cauliflower (4.8%), Broccoli (4.8%), Violife Original Flavour Grated 500g (3.8%) [Water, Coconut Oil (24%), Modified Starch*, Starch, Sea Salt, Flavourings, Preservative: Sorbic Acid, Colour: B-Carotene, Vitamin B12, *Not to be confused with GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients], Leeks (0.77%), Rice Paper Piglets Topper (0.38%) [Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil], (0.15%), Dried mixed herbs (0.08%), Black pepper (0.08%), Salt (0.08%), Garlic (0.08%), Sunset yellow FCF food colour (FD&C yellow 6) E110 (0.01%)

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