Jo’s Raspberry Coulis

Jo’s Raspberry Coulis

Our very own queen of cakes and bakes, Jo Hunter, knows a thing or two about creating great tasting treats. She’s an experienced chef, having started out selling her sausage rolls and pies to...

Piglet’s Special Mash

Piglet’s Special Mash

Pie and mash is a classic British dish, enjoyed by families around the kitchen table, at football matches and in pubs across the country on Saturday afternoons.  The beauty of a pie is that...

Root Vegetable Soup

Root Vegetable Soup

We’re excited to share with you how you can turn your Piglet’s savoury bakes into a full and hearty, balanced winter meal. Our Winter Warmer recipes are jam-packed with goodness and the wholesome...

Rip Up the Business Plan!

Rip Up the Business Plan!

So, coronavirus - didn't see that one coming, and whilst we have a disaster recovery plan this didn't quite cut the mustard. We are now in week 2 of...

Lamb is here

Lamb is here

Back by popular demand. A fans favourite. Hearty lamb hot pot with peas. Made with fresh Welsh Lamb a Available in boxes of six from the shop now . Why not serve it with some Red Leicester mash and...

Piglets earn Nationally recognised Audit Standard

Piglets earn Nationally recognised Audit Standard

Piglets Pantry are proud to have recently passed SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) We were were delighted to achieve SALSA Accreditation combined with STS in February 2020. We have worked...

It’s Official – Piglets are Great!

Here at Piglets HQ we are proud to hold a number of awards celebrating our amazing hand filled pies and Hand rolled Sausage Rolls. We hold 34 British Pie Awards including, British Pie Award – Gold...

Meet the People behind the Pies

Take a moment to learn about the faces behind the thousands of products made every week in our Worthing HQ

Jo – Owner and Managing Director

Our very own Mrs Piglet. Responsible for literally everything that goes out of the door and for single handedly starting the Piglets journey. A keen foodie, often seen out on site talking to fans, developing new products with Chefs and spreading the Piglets love

FAVOURITE PRODUCT  – Cheddar Cheese Scotch Egg

Steve – Director and Head of Sales

The King of the Outdoor events side of the business and also the man the the plan, Steve heads up New Business and also keeps our Sales teams on track. Often found out on the road visiting clients, Steve always says ‘Yes’, often before he even knows what the question is!

FAVOURITE PRODUCT – Chicken, Gammon & Leek Pie

Grant – Head Chef

The man behind the flavours, Grant had been with us from the beginning, developing the recipes that have become fans favourites all over the country. A formidable Chef with a talent for new flavour combinations – the backbone of the Kitchen team. Loves anything spicy – the hotter the better!

FAVOURITE PRODUCT – Red Onion Chutney and Red Leicester Sausage Roll  

Alix – Sales and Logistics

Mrs Organised, Alix is in charge of taking all the orders and arranging product deliveries across the country. Certainly the best turned out of our crew, Alix loves online shopping and is never happier than when her purchases arrive!  

FAVOURITE PRODUCT – Sausage roll with Red Leicester

Louise – Project Manager

One of our longest serving team members, a recent shift from account management to Projects sees Louise take the lead on special event planning, technical data and any other projects requiring dedicated attention. A lover of lists and organisation Louise has a wealth of knowledge about Piglets products gained over her 6 years service.

FAVOURITE PRODUCT – Sausage Roll with Stilton

Tasha – Production Supervisor

Our resident Sausage Roll Queen, what Tasha doesn’t know about our Sausage Rolls, Turnovers and Quiches isn’t worth knowing. Producing thousands of hand made products a day with her team – we rely on Tasha to keep some of our most popular products rolling out of the Kitchen.

FAVOURITE PRODUCTS – Red Onion Chutney Sausage Roll

Simon – Production Supervisor

Prince of Pie Production  – Simon keeps the pies coming! Keeping our most popular products on track is Simons responsibility.  Simon keeps his strength up with up to 12 weetabix a day – he needs it with over 40 different pie flavours on the books!



Literally the man with the plan, Norbert’s job is delivering all of our wares to our hungry customers.  When he’s not acting as our very own King of the Road, Norbert is a keen baseball player and fan and can often be found in the diamond perfecting his swing!   


Tracy – Production Manager

The one who literally holds the keys to the Kitchen. Tracy manages our kitchen team on a day to day basis planning, ordering and making the magic happen. A keen scuba diver in her spare time she enjoys the peace of the ocean floor when she’s not up to her elbows in pies.