Our Story

Welcome to Piglet World

5 Star Products for 5 Star People

Piglet’s started out as a little seed of an idea, Jo left the corporate world and set out to fulfil her dream of setting up a nice little bakery serving really great produce and here we are…

Since then, Piglet’s Pantry has grown in giant leaps, moved three times and has the privilege of being pie purveyor to circa 30,000 fans at Brighton & Hove Albion FC where 85% buy our products. We sell more pies than any other Stadium in the UK – wow!

Piglet’s Potted History:


April – Piglet’s set out in a tiny Pantry in Shoreham-by Sea.

May – We beat over 100 (yes really) pie people in the UK and several pie-offs to win the contract to supply Brighton & Hove Albion FC.

July – We moved into the prestigious Amex Stadium to hand make 2,500 pies per game.

July – Doors opened on the first game and within 15 minutes of opening Our pies had SOLD OUT.

August – After 2 more games, we had increased sales to 5,000 – we needed More room, so we moved.

October – Still our pies SOLD OUT – we needed a bigger boat and more help To make 10,000 pies a game.

November – We created Piglet’s HQ, invested all of our Piglet money and bought shiny new machines to help us. We had our first venture into retail with Southern Co-operative Group.


Having settled on between 8,000-10,000 pies a game we perfected the best recipe’s for the perfect pie at football, with just the right ratio of meat=gravy.

April: We won 4 Gold’s after entering the prestigious British Pie Awards @ Melton Mowbray.

May: Piglet’s fans voted in droves and we won Silver at the Football Hospitality Awards 2012.

Summer:  We tested our trotters at Carfest 2012 and Jamie Oliver’s do and found many other people liked our pies and wares too.

November: Piglet’s achieved ‘Highly Commended’ at the Football Business Awards 2012. We started to sell to pies to Burgess Hill FC.

December: Pies started gathering momentum and we created special pies for Royalty, Hampton Court Palace and other London Attractions.


We had the knack of making not just pies but a whole range of special products from sausage and pickle rolls to Guinness cup cakes, well the world was our Piglet oyster…

March – Piglet’s stepped in to help out our friends at SMEXX and fed lots of hungry Stadium and Industry VIPs.

April – Piglet’s invested some pennies and worked with our lovely new Brand and website team to create a new fun, vibrant site we Hope you all like it.

Oh and we also scored a pie hat-trick at The British Pie Awards By winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Football Pie Category – Champion winning pies.

May – Piglet’s launched a range of their new Piglet@ concessions:

  • Piglets@SCCC – Our cricket friends.
  • Piglet’s@Goodwood – A very special organic grown project.
  • Piglet’s@Harveys – Well rude not too, we add quite a bit to our pies.
  • Piglet’s@WBAFC – Friends with a very talented chef to create some very special hospitality products.
  • Piglet’s@Carfest – Our little bit to help others.
  • Piglet’s@Jamies BIG Feastival – Jamie loves our chilli pie.
  • Piglet’s@Rymansleague – Great pies for great teams.
  • Piglet’s@TheBigBeachCafe – By request from our friend Norman.

Piglet’s World is growing… we have a few more Piglet@ spaces coming soon not to mention pies direct to your sofa..